Available Treatments at Cambridge Sports Medicine Centre

Our practitioners are trusted by Olympic and professional athletes, but you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from what CSMC has to offer. Elite level sports and musculoskeletal medicine should be accessible to everyone – from older adults, to kids and teenagers, to weekend worriers and everyone in between! If you would like to be treated by the same practitioners who treat Olympic and professional athletes, then you are in the right place!

Services available at Cambridge Sports Medicine Centre include:

1-1 sessions
Physiotherapy Consultation
Strength & Conditioning (1-1)
Brain Health Baseline Assessments and Post Concussion Management 
Cardiac Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Consultations (including hands-on work) 

This treatment is for the assessment, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal pain / injuries. It involves assessment of movement patterns as well as hands-on assessment of the pain / injury on the physio plinth. Once a diagnosis is established, management of the pain / injury will proceed with hands-on treatment as well as exercise rehabilitation. The major difference between a Physiotherapy Consultation and a Sports Therapy Injury Management session is that physiotherapists have a deeper foundation in medical sciences so are able to integrate the different physiological systems within the body for complete management, whereas sports therapists focus on the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapy Consultations are more appropriate if you have a complex injury requiring expert management.

Strength & Conditioning (1-1)

Strength & Conditioning (S&C) is a premium version Personal Training and is suitable for anyone who has a physical challenge or goal in front of them. S&C Coaches require university degrees whereas personal trainers do no, and S&C coaches have expert scientific training in physiology, biology, training methodology. They use this expert training to design robust programs that align with physiological principles and which facilitate the physical adaptations specific to your physical goal. It could be pre/post operative work (think knee / hip replacement, but also think cardio-thoracic or general abdominal surgery – they all need pre and post op care), management of chronic conditions such as diabetes or COPD, weight management, blood pressure control, general health or any athletic / sporting / performance pursuit.

Reaching your goals, whether that be in the medical, general health, or performance domains can be difficult on your own. There are so many aspects that add extra challenges to an already difficult challenge… motivating yourself, selecting the right exercises, choosing the right weight and number of sets/reps, performing the exercise correctly… it’s a lot to think about! Strength & Conditioning coaching can take away the burden of all those extra bits so that you can focus on the most important thing – reaching your physical goal.

Strength & Conditioning Coaches have expert scientific knowledge in human physiology, and apply this in practice via advanced training methodologies designed to maximise biological adaptations in line with physiological principles. Strength & Conditioning coaches are NOT Personal Trainers… Strength & Conditioning coaches have a far deeper scientific foundation allowing for superior results backed by expert knowledge and education. Now that’s something worth paying a little extra for!

Brain Heath Baseline Assessment & Post Concussion Management 

Brain Health Baseline Assessments are essential in providing comparative data for the purpose of diagnosis and rehabilitation targets in the case of concussion. CSMC Clinical Director Matthew Look has undergone specialist training in the field of concussion management and will provide the highest quality of brain health care that will not be found at ordinary physiotherapy or medical practices.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation is for anyone who needs care relating their heart, lungs or circulation. It is especially important before or after heart surgery, and is also important in the ongoing management of chronic heart, lung or circulation disorders. The cardiac rehabilitation service at CSMC is built off of very close collaboration with your surgeon, GP and primary care team to ensure that all information is shared and everything within your program is safe. The rehabilitation itself includes safe and progressive cardiovascular exercise, progressive strength training, balance and mobility training, breathing techniques, and education to empower you to understand your health as best as you can. Throughout your rehab sessions you will be monitored for heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and rate of perceived exertion, ensuring the maximum safety of the session.

The cardiac rehabilitation service is delivered by our very own Antoine Sornay who worked at one of the leading Cardiac Rehabilitation hospitals in France – Hospital Leon Berrard in Hyeres. This hospital is renowned for being the specialist hub of cardiac rehabilitation in France where patients are transferred for expert care following heart transplants, bypass surgeries, and valve surgeries.