Can I Wear Heels after ACL surgery?

At Cambridge Sports Medicine Centre (CSMC) patients often ask whether they can go back to wearing high heels after ACL surgery.

It’s not easy getting life back to normal after an ACL repair, and it is important to think carefully about your footwear especially in the early months after surgery. To start with you want to avoid both flip flops and high heels, as they will not offer sufficient stability and can increase the risk of twisting, falling or catching the knee / foot. Your footwear should provide stability and should always fit properly – not too loose or too tight.


ACL replacement is not the end of your heel-wearing days! As your strength and stability increases, this will correlate with greater ability to handle the extra challenge that heels present. With the right physio and careful rehabilitation, often patients reach this stage around 4-5 months after surgery, depending on your individual progress.

So yes, you can wear heels after ACL surgery – just not straight away. And once you do, it is sensible to start small and increase the height of your heels over time. We recommend telling us when you first enter physio if getting back to high heels is one of your goals so we can develop a rehab program and monitor progress accordingly.

If you’re facing ACL surgery in the near future and worried about whether the level of physio available from a stretched NHS will get you back on your heels, now is the time to talk to us at Cambridge Sports Medicine Centre. We will take a full history and help you to plan your physio and rehab – and help you work towards that extra height!.

Call us on 07801 359916 or email to discuss your needs and plan your return to your heels!

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