Do I need a brace after ACL surgery?

At Cambridge Sports Medicine Centre (CSMC) we are often asked whether customers need a brace after ACL surgery.

Typically a Hinged ROM brace is used for the first few months post surgery, depending on the recommendations of your surgeon.

The brace has a hinge that lines up with the axis of rotation of the knee. The brace can also be locked at certain ranges of motion to limit certain ranges when the knee is acutely healing.

These rehabilitative knee braces are used to limit potentially harmful knee movement while you recuperate after ACL surgery or injury. Rehabilitative braces work to protect a reconstructed or repaired ligament, restricting movement to protect the injured area while you prepare for a return to activity.

After the first few months, often our patients will transition to a smaller brace than is wired or elasticated. These are a little less cumbersome than the large Hinged ROM braces and offer greater mobility.

We will teach you how to apply and take off the brace if this has been requested by your surgeon, as well as work with you to achieve optimal results – regardless of whether (or for how long) your surgeon recommends you wear a brace after ACL surgery.

If you’re facing ACL surgery in the near future and worried about the level of physio available from a stretched NHS, now is the time to talk to us at Cambridge Sports Medicine Centre. We will take a full history and help you to plan your physio and rehab – and your use of a brace under your surgeon’s direction – to make sure the injury is a short term issue before we get you back to full strength.

Call us on 07801 359916 or email to discuss your needs and plan your return to performance sport.

a brace after ACL surgery