Physiotherapy Cambridge

Whether you are looking for post operative physio consultations and treatments, or an athlete – from any sport – looking for a professional physiotherapy centre in Cambridge to help with injuries as well as strength and conditioning, Cambridge Sports Medicine Centre can help.

All consultations include hands-on work.

The major difference between a Physiotherapy Consultation and a Sports Therapy Injury Management session is that physiotherapists have a deeper foundation in medical sciences so are able to integrate the different physiological systems within the body for complete management, whereas sports therapists focus on the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapy Consultations are more appropriate if you have a complex injury requiring expert management.

Physiotherapy for Injuries

This treatment is for the assessment, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal pain / injuries, usually acquired through playing sports.

It involves assessment of movement patterns as well as hands-on assessment of the pain / injury on the physio plinth. Once a diagnosis is established, management of the pain / injury will proceed with hands-on treatment as well as exercise rehabilitation.

Post Operative Physiotherapy

This treatment is to support the recovery of knee and hip replacements.

It involves assessment of individual needs and a hands-on assessment of pain levels injury on the physio plinth. Once established, your therapist will proceed with hands-on treatment as well as exercise rehabilitation.