Post Operative Physio Cambridge

For the best post operative physio Cambridge, talk to Cambridge Sports Medicine Clinic.

Many major operations, including joint replacement surgeries require a long rehabilitation process.

We all know how stretched the NHS is and in many cases, the post operative physio available on the NHS is too little or too late or both.

CSMC’s post operative physio Cambridge offers consultations as well as hands on treatments to help to rebuild strength around joint replacements and speed up rehabilitation for these and other major medical interventions, covering:

  • Hip Replacements
  • Knee Replacements
  • ACL Surgeries

In some instances pre-surgical physiotherapy consultations can help you prepare for surgeries; combined with post operative physio, this can shave significant periods from your rehabilitation time and get you back to fully functional much more quickly.

How does Post Operative Physio Help?

Once you have been discharged from hospital following a joint replacement or ACL surgery, you should continue physiotherapy to achieve the best possible recovery. The CSMC team will target a range of exercises, designed to your specific needs, to strengthen and mobilise any affected joints and muscles.

Other benefits include:

  • Effective pain management
  • Strengthening and stretching weakened and stiff muscles
  • Mobilisation exercises to improve circulation and range of movement