Sports Medicine for Athletes

Professional, semi pro and even amateur sports men and women test their bodies just about every day, often to the limits of endurance. At Cambridge Sports Medicine Clinic, we offer physiotherapy and post concussion management  to help athletes deal as quickly and effectively as possible with the injuries that are almost inevitable, especially at elite level.

Physiotherapy Treatments Cambridge

Whether you are looking for post operative physio consultations and treatments, or an athlete – from any sport – looking for a professional physiotherapy centre in Cambridge to help with injuries as well as strength and conditioning, Cambridge Sports Medicine Centre can help.

All consultations include hands-on work.

The major difference between a Physiotherapy Consultation and a Sports Therapy Injury Management session is that physiotherapists have a deeper foundation in medical sciences so are able to integrate the different physiological systems within the body for complete management, whereas sports therapists focus on the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapy Consultations are more appropriate if you have a complex injury requiring expert management.

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Brain Heath Baseline Assessment & Post Concussion Management

Brain Health Baseline Assessments are essential in providing comparative data for the purpose of diagnosis and rehabilitation targets in the case of concussion. CSMC Clinical Director Matthew Look has undergone specialist training in the field of concussion management and will provide the highest quality of brain health care that will not be found at ordinary physiotherapy or medical practices.

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